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emphasis in design

Emphasis in Design: Using It To Create Better Content

Are you looking to learn how to use emphasis in design to create better content? If so, you’re in the right place! When it comes to creating content for social media, you need to know how to put together exciting and visually interesting graphics that

Balance in Design: How to Use it and Create Better Content

When we think about balance in design, we should be thinking about how the visual weight of elements are balanced to create cohesiveness and cohesion. There are five different balance styles, which are Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial, Mosaic, and Discordant, and as you read through our
What is Content Creation?

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is a term used often in digital marketing, but what is it? First and foremost, we must answer: what is content? And, unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Content as a term is often used to refer to different things and acts as
Creating Content for Facebook - Cover

Creating Content for Facebook: Our Top Tips

You may be thinking that it’s a bit too late to be thinking about creating content for Facebook. That ship has already sailed, right? Well, no! With nearly 3 billion people still using the platform, there are plenty of opportunities to reach a new audience.

How to Batch Create Your Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Regularly creating content is hard – having to come up with an endless stream of high-quality and engaging social media content is no mean feat. But one thing that we’ve learned during our time working in the world of social media, is the importance of

What is The 60 30 10 Rule for Content Creation? [Infographic]

All content creators will have some form of framework they use when creating posts for their various social channels. It’s frameworks like these that help to keep us on track (and sane!) in the busy world of digital marketing. One framework that we particularly love
Content Creation VS Content Curation

Content Creation VS Content Curation

Content is an integral part of a social media marketing strategy and, when executed well, can help you achieve your social media goals. From educational Facebook posts to hilarious GIF-filled tweets to thousand-word articles, there is a range of content available from brands online. However,
Video Editing Apps for Better Social Media Content

Video Editing Apps for Better Social Media Content

Getting more video content on your social media pages is a sure-fire way to increase engagement with your brand’s posts. Now social media marketers have access to a great selection of video editing apps and content creation tools that are making the process of creating