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Seasonal Marketing

Giraffe Social Media Twelve Days of Trendmas

It’s Christmastime and you would certainly know it if you stepped foot in Giraffe Social Media HQ. The garden has turned into a grotto, the music is 85% Christmas music and there seems to be an abundance of cookies around the place. So we couldn’t

Our Favourite Social Media Fails of 2016 So Far

Social media has it’s fair share of funnies – not all intentional. In fact, some of the funniest funnies have come from misguided social media campaigns. If you make a mistake in marketing the likelihood is pretty soon somebody is going to point it out

Big Social Media Trends: Summer 2016

In the ever-changing digital landscape, keeping a hold on trends can mean the difference between becoming a real player or your brand vanishing into obscurity. Since the beginning of 2016 developments in app functionality and content capabilities has led to an even-more contested market, with

Going For Social Media Gold During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Social media managers and digital marketers, take note. We are in the midst of another of those all-too-rare moments when a global phenomenon makes the process of getting your brand noticed across the world far simpler – the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. By their very

Social Media Day: Giraffe Live Seminars

This year on social media day we will be holding a series of micro seminars live on Periscope, aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses get the most out their social media marketing efforts. We know what social media can do -­ and we

Social Media Day 2016: 4 Ways to Celebrate, Social Media Style

  Since its initial launch in 2010, Mashable’s Social Media Day has grown with each passing year. It is fast becoming an internationally-recognised day wherein people from all around the globe join to celebrate the impact that social media has had on our lives and

Euro 2016: Twitter Fans To Light Up Eiffel Tower In Team Colours

  As is customary around any international sports or global media event, preparations by Twitter to mark the event are well underway. However, this year the social network plans to go one step further than the conventional auto­-emoji… Twitter users are well aware that the

Euro 2016: If the England Squad was decided by Twitter

It’s tournament time again and we’re starting to see the public roll out the same old tournament traditions; questioning the team selection, the formation, our chances of success and dreading penalties… The England squad for Euro 2016 certainly differs from that of previous tournaments, with

UEFA Champions League Final Gets Social

  BT Sport has claimed that tomorrow’s all­-Spanish UEFA Champions League final will be the “most social sports broadcast ever”. The network will be introducing a live­-stream of the game to social media, giving us an insight into the future of sports broadcasting… Social media