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Tips for Content Strategy

3 Must know Social Media & Content Marketing facts for 2014…

Social Media is now a Full Time Position If you look at any leading brand successfully utilising social media, they will usually have a social media executive or manager running the show behind the scenes. Sometimes social media accounts are even run by entire teams

What is Evergreen content?

Evergreen content is a relatively simple concept, but unless you’re familiar with it already you probably won’t have heard of it before. Once you have a better understanding of what evergreen content actually is, you will realise just how simple and easy it is to

Top 10 Writing Mistakes Made.

I was doing my daily browse through PR journals and websites and came across an interesting read on PR Daily. Top 10 writing mistakes nearly everyone makes.   1. Affect vs. Effect. The easiest way to remember the difference between them: affect means “to influence.” Ergo,

Can Tumblr be Used Effectively for Business?

Can Tumblr be used effectively for your business? The secret is well and truly out…the key to successful social media and SEO is content. Create a great blog with amazing, original content and the internet Gods will reward you with lots of attention! Happy days.