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Tag: Advertising


How to Make the Most of Social Media at Christmas.

  Once a year, around the beginning of November, we see our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds become cluttered with posts about how Christmas is coming! It seems to be common knowledge that when we see the extremely well branded Coca Cola advert embrace our television screens, Christmas is only

How will social media affect the future of TV advertising?

  It is a well-known fact that we, as consumers, are becoming much more savvy, much more aware and resistant to advertising messages that are being ploughed through the media.  We know when we are given the ‘hard-sell’, and we don’t always like it. For this reason, TV advertising rarely

Why does TV Advertising Suck so Much?

TV advertising is a massive form of marketing for a large number of businesses. It presents companies with the opportunity to reach a mass market with a universal message or promotion of their product or service. Now I’m all for a really cool advert, but I am increasingly finding myself

10 Stats from The Presidential Election 2012

  If there was ever an example of how far social media has come – and a demonstration of just how important it can be when used correctly – it was the US Presidential Election 2012. This year we witnessed the US Presidential Election race between Barack Obama and Mitt