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Tag: Advertising

5 Innovative Twitter Campaigns

Businesses and organisations who succeed on Twitter are always the ones who are innovative with their campaigns. Here are some of the top Twitter campaigns that have caught our eyes over the past few years… 1. #40Dollars December 2011, and February 2012, were months when social media was used for

Are Smartphones Controlling Our Shopping?

  Can you remember the days when you actually visited the high-street? We remember those days like they were only yesterday – but something has changed and it isn’t just the towns. It is our attitudes and behaviours towards shopping. Shopping online offers convenience and ease. Not only can we

How Will Yahoo’s Purchase Really Effect Tumblr?

  Yahoo is well known to many of us, be it for their success in making revenue from advertisements, email service, news reports, videos, games or Flickr. So when the company’s chief executive purchased the Tumblr for £723 million pounds back in 2013, it may have not seemed like such a

How is Social Media Changing the Way We Buy Products?

Depressingly, it’s nearly fifteen years since I finished primary school. Back then, there was no such thing as Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t become a multi billionaire as one of technology’s great success stories, mobile phones were unattractive bricks, apps didn’t roll off the tongue in regular conversation and the idea

Is Personalised Advertising Clever or Creepy?

  Advertising; we all see it. Whether we are at home relaxing, sitting on the tube and even just on an evening out with your friends, the chances of seeing or hearing some kind of advertisement is more than likely. But now more and more businesses are using personalised advertising – and

Could Snapchat Ever Be Used By Business?

Editor’s Note: Isn’t it funny how times change!? Back when this article was written, Snapchat was a fledgling “risqué” social network that most businesses wouldn’t touch with a barge pole – now it is an integral part of many brand’s social media marketing strategy! For pure entertainment value, here’s Alexander Blakey’s

5 Formidable Viral Ad Campaigns

A viral campaign refers to a marketing technique that uses pre-existing social networking services. It aims to produce an increase in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives, through the use of self-replicating viral processes, similar to that of a computer virus. The creative use of this process is something

Beat the Reach – Facebook Organic Reach figures plummet

  So, the inevitable news is out. Facebook’s organic reach figures have plummeted in the past few months. For those of you unaware of what ‘organic reach’ is, it is basically the number of people your pages can reach from people who have seen, liked or shared your post, without

Misconceptions of Public Relations

  When we hear the term ‘public relations’, we all have our own ideas of what it is. Some of us believe that a life in PR means mingling with socialites and having a job that is more fun than work, but it is much more than that. PR and

Ten Timeless Christmas Ad Campaigns

It would seem that there is more pressure than ever before on companies and retailers to produce the preeminent of Christmas promotion. We have scoured the years of Christmas adverts to bring you a list of our top ten favourites. Most of our choices seem obvious, but there are a