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emphasis in design

Emphasis in Design: Using It To Create Better Content

Are you looking to learn how to use emphasis in design to create better content? If so, you’re in the right place! When it comes to creating content for social media, you need to know how to put together exciting and visually interesting graphics that

Balance in Design: How to Use it and Create Better Content

When we think about balance in design, we should be thinking about how the visual weight of elements are balanced to create cohesiveness and cohesion. There are five different balance styles, which are Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial, Mosaic, and Discordant, and as you read through our

The Anatomy of Social Media Graphics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to take your social media marketing to the next level in 2023? If so, it’s important you how to create the perfect graphics to rep your brand on social media. In our infographic below, we’re looking at the most common forms of social media

Contrast in Design: How it Works

Last month, we posted a guide to the 12 Principles of Graphic Design, which briefly discussed how to use contrast. Well, in this article, we’re taking a deeper dive into the first graphic design principle, which as you’ve already guessed, is Contrast.   What is
The 12 Principles of Graphic Design - Cover Image

The 12 Principles of Graphic Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last month, we posted our guide to the 12 Principles of Graphic Design, which included some nifty little designs illustrating each principle. And for this one of December’s infographics, we wanted to put them all into one place! Our latest infographic features the 12 graphic

Principles of Graphic Design: A Giraffe Guide

As social media managers, understanding the basic principles of graphic design is essential. Knowing how to put together visually appealing graphics will ensure your ads and social content are eye-catching, engaging, and successful. But, without going to design school, there’s no way you can get

Colour Psychology in Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The colours you use in your brand convey a whole range of thoughts, feelings and emotions to your target customers before they’ve even interacted with it. For example, our brains see red as an adventurous and passionate colour, which is why brands like YouTube, Tinder,

A Simple Branding Checklist for Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

We know that creating a brand is hard work. Without some helpful guidance on what steps to take, it can feel like you’re lost in an ocean of tones of voice and HEX values. At Giraffe Social Media, we wanted to put together a simple,